Bernt Capra, also known as Amadeus, was raised on a farm in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. Bernt financed his college education at the Vienna Technical University with part time jobs as a ski instructor and tourist guide in the mountains near his home. When he finally got his masters degree in architecture, the Austrian army wanted to draft him. Bernt couldn’t see himself serving the military, so he escaped to Los Angeles where he was offered a UCLA scholarship for Urban Design. He graduated with his second masters and got a job with a Century City architect. However, since all of his friends at the time worked in the film business, he soon found himself behind a drafting table at Warner Bros.

After a few years in Hollywood he was drawn back to Europe and lived in Rome where he financed his experimental films with acting jobs. Those films got him his first directing assignments with Austrian TV The Saint Severin Story, Empedocles, and The Secret Vienna. After a few years as documentary filmmaker in Austria, Bernt was back on the beach in Topanga, CA, this time married and with a baby son.

In the meantime he made himself a name as a Hollywood production designer with such movies as Bagdad Café and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?. Bernt was awarded an Emmy for designing HBO’s Carnivale in 2004. Bernt also dabbled in directing with Hollywood Horror, and Mindwalk, which has accumulated a dedicated cult following over the years. More recently, Bernt has worked on episodic TV designing the shows Night Shift and Rake for Sony Television, as well as films including Michael Jackson’s This is ItPeaceful Warrior, Trade (FOX), Jolene and Mahler on the Couch.

Bernt’s dedication to design and style is a rarity. From his committed research of new projects to his meticulous attention to detail, he has earned himself a trusted reputation within the industry as a seasoned Art Director with unique and relatable vision. Bernt still lives in beautiful Topanga Canyon, California.

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